The Valiant Voyeur Spoiler Checklist!

The Truth is in Here!

The October '97 Acclaim/Valiant comics announced Acclaim's Customer/Retailer loyalty reward program.
Similar to when Valiant gave out gold logo books, all you had to do was promote Acclaim/Valiant comics!
These provided sneak peeks of the future (or fates) of Acclaim Comics Valiant Heroes.
Here is a listing of all 11 Valiant Voyeurs. Click on links to see images.

1. Bloodshot-Bloodshot blowing his brains out! ala Bloodshot #9 cover.

2. Eternal Warriors- Archer sticking a glowing spear through Ivar!

3. Magnus Robot Fighter- Magnus looking up at another Robot Fighter who is impailed to a techno-cross!

4. Ninjak- VH-1 Ninjak vs. VH-2 Ninjak!

5. Quantam & Woody- Switched bodies! From #10-12.

6. Shadowman- Mask ripped out of chest! Blood and bones galore!

7. SOLAR- VH-1 Solar vs. VH-2 Solar!

8. Trinity Angles- Shows one of the Angels and some old guy??

9. Troublemakers- Blur and his tombstone.

10. Turok- Female Turok sportin' a wicked looking crossbow.

11. X-O Manowar- Donovan being pulled apart
by various armored beings.