p>Designate: Pol-Bekhara

    Independently mobile, detachable surveillance camera.

    Functions include force field generator, illumination, force blast, tractor beam and energy dampening field.

    Mounted 100 MGHz pulse ion cannons (port and starboard gauntlets).

    Flexible secondary metalloid casing functioning as armor's energy absorption vehicle.

    Leg casings and housing for armor's propulsion systems.

    Silicone polymere casing, housing armor's main technological functions. The right breast plate of the carapace contains the ring compartment from which the wearer extracts the armor's control ring.

    Mounted surveillance "eye" providing full 360 degrees of peripheral vision.

    Fitted helmet equipped with retractable face plate and audio processors. Face plate also features heads up display capabilities to receive images from either remote or external viewing node.


    This solid organometallic array, used in the carapace, gauntlet, and greaves, serves as a first line of defense for the wearer. The armor compound has the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and has a high degree of resiliency. Its main purpose is to house the technological and weapons systems of the X-O armor.

    This flexible endo-shielding makes up the majority of the X-O armor and serves as a supporting line of defense. The silicon metalloid mesh is most functional as an energy absorption unit for the armor.

    This third layer, composed of silicon irons arranged in a coordination tissue array, serves as information exchange between wearer and armor. The X-O armor's limited telepathic ability is dependent on tactile contact with the wearer. This contact facilitates the armor's protection and healing functions.

    Chief Operating Officer of Orb Industries. In 408 A.D., Aric, one of a tribe of Visigoth warriors, was kidnapped by the spider aliens and taken aboard a mother ship where he was studied and made to work as a slave. Using a map etched into his hand by the "Map Giver", (who bore an uncanny resemblance to Elvis), Aric sought the ultimate weapon - the X-O armor - and used its power to destroy the alien ship.

    Shanhara, Aric's armor, adapted to Aric and brought him safely back to a world in which many hundreds of years passed. The armor helped Aric learn English and slowly acclimated him to 20th century life. Vengeful Spider Aliens concocted a plan to destroy Shanhara and kill Aric. After poisoning Aric's water supply, the armor was slowly contaminated with compounds that weakened it. Shanhara was completely shattered in an ensuing battle. Paul Bouvier willingly sacrificed himself to become Aric's new armor, Pol-Bekhara.

    Composed of the same synthetic organosilicon compound as the armor, the control ring serves as remote contact between wearer and armor. Whoever has possession of the ring controls the armor.


    A multinational conglomerate based near Boston. Orb Industries was previously controlled by the spider aliens, who used the corporation as a front while they prepared for an invasion of Earth. Using the X-O armor, Aric engaged the Spider Aliens in battle and defeated them. He then used the armor's computer systems to seize control of Orb's central computer, thus assuming control of Orb Industries.

    Security Chief of Orb Industries and personal friend of Aric's. Randy also serves as an assistant and consultant to Aric during his day-to-day duties at Orb Industries. Randy is also a former member of the Canadian Secret Service serving on a team known as Department W - The Wolfbridge Group.

    Aric's second-in-command at Orb Industries twice attempted to betray the barbarian when he first arrived in the present world. Knowing he needed support in this modern-day land, Aric replaced an arm Ken had previously lost with an artificial appendage created by the X-O armor. Aric was able to monitor Ken's whereabouts and, if he tried to deceive the Visigoth again, Ken would die by his own hand. Having since regained his arm after the destruction of Shanhara, Ken will have to determine where his loyalties lie.

    Another man lost in time, this 19th century Kiowa warrior finds he has a lot in common with Aric Dacia. Turok Dinosaur Hunter finds himself in today's world, along with scores of vicious, technologically-enhanced bionisaurs. He has joined forces with Aric on a number of occasions, and has dubbed himself a blood brother to Aric, and comrade to X-O Manowar.

    Paul Bouvier was a colleague of Randy Cartier when they served in the Canadian Secret Service under Department W. During a rescue mission to save Aric and an incapacitated Shanhara from the Spider Aliens, Paul was bitten by an alien and lost his legs. The venom continued to course through his system unabated, and was slowly killing him. Solar, upon hearing of the destruction of Shanhara, journeyed to Saturn to fetch an X-O seed from another armor for Aric. However, the seed needed a sentient life form in order to grow a new armor. This process, known as the "joining", called for the host to sacrifice his or her body. Faced with a terminal situation, Paul chose to be that host. With Paul's sacrifice, Pol-Bekhara was born.

    The President and CEO of the Harbinger Foundation, Toyo Harada has made a life's work of gathering young people gifted with psionic powers, and preparing them for the next step in human evolution. A clever exchange of favors has made X-O Manowar a sometimes reluctant ally of Harada.

    The members of Department W, an elite task force for the Canadian Secret Service, have been targeted for death. Their self-appointed judge, jury and executioner is the mysterious figure known only as Snakebite. Snakebite's reasons for targeting the individual members of Department W are unknown. Department W - The Wolfbridge Group, was created specifically for the apprehension of Kyle Wolfbridge. Wolfbridge was apparently killed during a confrontation with the task force.