Shadowman scribe Bob Hall has received critical praise for his macabre tales and darkly evocative penciling style. His writing for Timewalker commences with a five-page epilogue in The Chaos Effect-Omega. The action continues with Timewalker #1 by Hall, Don Perlin, and Gonzalo Mayo, arriving in stores this August.

July 8, 1994                         Ladakh, Tibet

Dear Mr. Bob Hall,
    My brother Numptse has told me that you are an honored scholar in the United States, and that you are also steeped in all manner of antiquity and esoterica. I have read, with eager eyes, your amazing articles about the Shadowman of New Orleans, and his battles with that terrible Master Darque, who slaughtered so many of my people.
    Mr. Hall, I am sending you these strange bits of paper I found blowing about on the ground several days ago. My temple brothers and I have reason to believe they belonged to Ivar, the broken man who fell from the sky at the commencement of the disaster we now call the Chaos Effect. At first glance these notes seem to be the ravings of a lunatic. And yet, in the wake of all that we have seen, I am forced to wonder: Can a man really navigate the perilous ocean of time itself? Do these notes indicate that among us there is truly a Timewalker?
    I await your response with much anticipation.
                                                                        Humbly yours,
                                                                        Chan of Ladakh
_ded to start this journal to gather my thoughts, and embark solidly on my quest to snatch control of my destiny from whatever forces hold me in thrall. Indeed, I am space-time's pinball. I bounce randomly from era to era, rarely to remain for long, never to be left in peace... And yet, it would seem I have developed a longing for the highlands of the spirit. I am compelled to seek out these portals, I _ must confess. The thrill of soaring wildly through time. The sense of wonder that pulses through my veins as I alight in a new and undiscovered land. I have the fever of antipodes - I must search out what is opposite my feet, as Francis Drake or Sir Richard Burton sought the furthest edges of the Earth, when the world was younger and more innocent. Never more can I watch the corn grow. I have... wanderlust!
The Tachyon Compass - Discernible Functions
1. Warns me when a time arc is coming.
2. Guides me to the lat. and long. locus of a time arc.
3. Once fixed, should allow me to navigate the timestream!!!
Mac has promised to repair the Tachyon Compass, as I do not believe it has functioned properly since it...came into my possession. But at this writing I am still at the mercy of where the time arcs take me, and now I am too far in the future. Damn those Spider Aliens! Mac is long dead and the compass is not hidden at the rendezvous point...
    How can I reach it?
Memo - the time arcs seem to accelerate my healing abilities. Like my immortal brothers, Gilad and Aram, I have natural resiliency and I do not suffer disease or the ravages of aging. But somewhere in the timeslip - for I have discovered that these journeys through the continuum are not instantaneous - I am even more quickly reju_

_eresting that I have yet to run into myself! Perhaps the time arcs have an _version to _ding me down in places where I have already been. Or maybe if I did meet myself the universe would be destro_
Things to Keep in My Coat at All Times
                    Magnum pistol
                    chewing _
                dice and playing cards
                        Mars bars
Ivar, Master of Time and Space - now that has a ring to it!