New Orleans jazz musician Jack Boniface was infused with mystical power by a mysterious Voodoo cult. Now, when night falls, he combats evil as the supernatural vigilante -- SHADOWMAN.
Bob Hall on Pencils
"I've always loved storytelling, and I've always been able to draw, kind of, and so comics seemed like the natural way to express myself."
Tom Ryder on Inks
"Bob tends to be a loose penciller. I've really benefitted from working with him, since my inks have tended to be tight. I try to be as true to what he's doing as possible, but I get to bring more of myself into Shadowman when he's looser."
Mike Cavallaro on Colors
"My coloring for Shadowman is a lot more abstract than my work on other superhero comics. It's more mood based, rather than realistic. I might bring my palette down to two colors, or all reds, to bring the drama across and place a heightened emphasis on the panel."
"Shadowman will hold on to a lot of the power he received when that wave of necromantic energy washed over New Orleans. He's more in control and he starts to like it. With Master Darque out of the picture, Nettie's Voodoo cult doesn't have as strong a hold over Jack. He'll be a lot more independent, and start to enjoy being his own person, fighting the criminal and supernatural elements on his own terms. But The Chaos Effect also gave us the Night Monster - Quigley, who was Darque's instructor in the 1800's. This thing is tremendously powerful. He'll really be giving Jack a hard time!"