A barbarian never had it so good. First Aric Dacia acquired the X-O Manowar armor, a living, protective shell of alien technology that deals more punishment than even the most savage of Visigoths could dream of dishing out. Now, he's got Bart Sears.
    Bart Sears brings his big, bold artistic talents to X-O Manowar with issue #44 in March. He's no stranger to the title, having established what many fans consider to be the definitive X-O look in issues #10 & #11. Sears' slick linework and powerful-looking figures will take X-O on a wild ride that Bart, inker Ray Kryssing, and series writer Ron Marz have charted.
    Bart's run starts with plenty of sturm und drang, as Aric meets Crescendo, a major new adversary. Everything Aric values and considers to be real is immediately thrown in jeopardy. From the onset, Aric must struggle to hold on to his very identity. The armor may not be his - and may not even exist as he knows it. Make no assumptions about Aric, his life and friends, or the X-O armor. When the smoke clears from this battle, X-O Manowar's world will be shaken to its foundations.
    "No doubt about it. Aric's life will never be the same," says Bart. In X-O Manowar's biweekly adventures, Bart and Ron will explore Aric's role in the present day. "Aric has to reconcile who he is, both as a warrior out of his time, and as a man with very serious problems today. This all comes as a direct result of his confrontation with Crescendo."
    Bart and Ron work closely together to carve out X-O's role as the Number One superhero in the Valiant Universe. "As a hero, Aric has both a hard edge and his own strong moral sense of duty and responsibility. However, his code may not always be in sync with the law of the land. This will definitely translate into Aric's mission: righting wrongs and kicking tail."
    Bart and Ron will continue to raise the stakes in X-O's battles after the Crescendo storyline. Aric will be involved in bigger, higher-impact battles than ever before. The stories will be structured to keep the reader guessing and turning pages.
    "We're developing a great new pantheon of villains, ten or twelve new villains in the first year," said Sears. "When we hit issue fifty, we'll meet a new arch-nemesis for Aric. It will be a surprise, and certainly, this will be the introduction of a major new bad guy to the X-O Manowar myth. The readers will simply have to see it."
    Bart credits his time at the Joe Kubert School with accelerating his artistic progress and teaching him how to finish his pencils for professional quality. The student learned enough to teach his own class. He's never been happier with the final product of his art. The stunning computer coloring comes out of his own studio. "I'm more than happy with the way it looks. Nobody but my studio will ever color my work."
    His own toughest critic, Bart has been pouring a tremendous amount of time and effort into every page of X-O Manowar. Before he starts a page, Bart considers the flow of the story and image, and always focuses on the primary element of the page. The double-page spread that slams the door on X-O #44 took seventeen hours to complete. The knockout wraparound cover to the free insert in X-O #42 required an astounding thirty-five hours!
    The work and talent jump off every page, and X-O Manowar comes at you twice a month. Comics fans never had it so good.

Born 12/17/63 in Lansing, New York.

Joe Kubert School for Art and Design

X-O Manowar
Turok, Dinosaur Hunter
Justice League Europe

Neal Adams, John Buscema, Jim Aparo, Frank Frazetta, Frank Miller, John Byrne, Steve Rude, Brian Bolland, and Alan Davis.