Colin King lives a dual life. To most, he is one of Britain's idle rich
- a playboy socialite with few cares. However, to a select few, he is also
Ninjak, an espionage agent without equal.
    Much of Ninjak's history is unknown. He was at one time an agent for the
Weaponeer Organization, now defunct. This organization combatted the threat
of Dr. Silk and WEBNET, an illegal consortium of technical, industrial, and
financial institutions with holdings and interests worldwide. While Silk has
since destroyed the Weaponeers, his plans have been thwarted time and again
by Ninjak. Silk has sworn not to rest until he has rid himself of this thorn
in his side.
    Ninjak is a man of many abilities. His greatest asset is his powerful
intellect. He is the smartest man in the world. His understanding of human
psychology is so thorough that he is always one step ahead of any opponent.
Ninjak has the almost preternatural ability to anticipate every possible
element in a given situation and prepare a counter for it. Ninjak is also
adept at learning and understanding any language, including computer
languages. Ninjak is able to pick up native tongues as easily as he is able
to decipher computer codes and hack through the most complex systems.
    In his pursuit of physical perfection, Ninjak has honed his body to the
level of an Olympic decathlete. He has mastered a variety of martial arts
forms, including karate, jeet kune-do, judo, aikido and several forms of
kung-fu. However, his fighting style of choice is the forbidden and lethal
art of ninjitsu. Ninja warriors of feudal Japan used this art of deception
and illusion as dark assassins. Ninjak is the only living non-Asian to
conquer this discipline. In addition to possessing various fighting styles,
Ninjak is also an expert marksman, and trained in the use of the world's
cutting edge weaponry. He is also an expert at the sai, bo staff, swords and
bladed projectiles.
    Ninjak is driven by a strong personal code. He does not subscribe to any
belief system, and his loyalty is strongest to himself and to his purposes.
He has tentatively allied himself with Neville Alcott's European
intelligence agency, MI-6. At times he has worked with the likes of
Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and the Secret Weapons. However, he prefers working


    1) Neville Alcott: Colonel Alcott commands the covert intelligence
operation MI-6, located far beneath London's Heathrow Airport. MI-6 is
called upon to aid other international agencies when conventional means are
deemed ineffective. Alcott's association with Colin King apparently
stretches far back into King's past. The details are, as yet, unknown.
    2) Jillian Alcott: Jillian is Colonel Alcott's daughter and an MI-6
operative. Jillian was recently kidnapped by WEBNET, and Ninjak and the
Secret Weapons were assigned to rescue her. Jillian survived her kidnapping
and has since returned to MI-6.
    3) Tank: Tank is one of the members of Secret Weapons. However, since he
is a Harbinger with super-dense, bulletproof skin, Tank is not required to
wear the tech suit used by the other members.
    4) John Sinclair: Sinclair is Alcott's attache and leader of the
paramilitary group, Secret Weapons. He has since taken the call-sign,
Para-man, after replacing the original operative. Sinclair has been
instrumental in the "recruitment" of Ninjak for MI-6 assignments.
    5) Michiko Okubo: Michiko is Colin King's first and only true love. Her
father, Senator Yusaku Okubo, forced King to stay away from his daughter
because he felt that King was a dishonorable "gaijin." King has obeyed, but
never forgets Michiko. He refuses to get emotionally involved with anyone
else because of his devotion.
    6) Goro Sanada: Sanada, a.k.a. the Seventh Dragon, is an old rival of
Colin King's. Both vied for the love of Michiko Okubo. Michiko chose King,
much to the chagrin of her father. Sanada, feeling disgraced, has harbored
the resentment over the years. Goro and Ninjak were forced to work together
to save Senator Okubo and Michiko from the Japanese mafia. Recently, Sanada
was hired by Dr. Silk to assassinate Ninjak. Ninjak emerged victorious from
the battle.
    7) Dr. Silk: Dr. Augustus Silk controls Comsat International, an
international front for WEBNET, an organization dealing with illegal
activities in technical, industrial and financial institutions worldwide.
Silk, a crippled and disfigured recluse, uses the vast computer network at
his disposal to manipulate human lives and destroy international finances.
Ninjak and the Weaponeer Organization worked to stop Silk's schemes. Since
the destruction of the Weaponeers, Silk's only obstacle has been Ninjak.
Ninjak's incredible intelligence begs for a challenge and Silk has proven to
be such. These two adversaries have initiated a global game of chess, with
human lives as their pawns. Silk has yet to determine Ninjak's identity, but
he has vowed to see him destroyed.


    Customized Shurikens: Golden disks embossed with signature "N" symbol;
function as blades and throwing stars. Star points are spring-loaded inside
disk, and are easily extracted with a slight amount of pressure on disk
    Swords: Collapsible stainless steel blades designed to emulate weight
and appearance of ancient samurai swords. Collapsed blades are easily
concealed in Ninjak's vest.
    Sai: Three-point stainless steel weapons, effective in blocking and
disarming opponents.


    Scarf: Multifunctional, highly resilient fabric. Functions as mask or
other costume element, breathfilter, length of rope, harness, etc. Can also
be used as bullwhip or distraction effect.
    Body Stocking: Suit is reinforced with bulletproof Kevlar body armor.
Multilayered, high-density woven nylon armor absorbs and diffuses bullet
    Wire endo-skeleton woven into suit responds to internal thermal system
easily accessed by Ninjak. System warms or cools suit, engaging its
chameleon effect. Hence, if Ninjak were caught in a snow field, the
chameleon system could effect a white, gray and ice blue camouflage for him.

    Shields: Forearm, shoulder and ankle shields function as protection from
bladed or low velocity projectile weapons. Shields also serve as shackles
and braces, among other functions.