Ink spot on...
Kathryn Bolinger
    Kathryn Bolinger doesn't consider her own sketches finished until she's inked them. "I like the lines and textures of a brush--the fluidity of it. I draw better with a brush."
    Bolinger's artistry surfaced at the age of one and a half. "When I was a kid I would draw on the walls at home. Instead of punishing me, my parents put up butcher paper and chalk boards as far as I could reach. I drew constantly; I still do."
    Ever since her arrival in New York in 1991, Kathryn Bolinger has worked at Valiant Comics, first as a background inker under the tutelage of Bob Layton. Her talents recognized, she quickly moved up the ranks to full-fledged inker. In regard to her craft, Bolinger credits everything she does to timing, professionalism and persistence.
* Native of Weatherford, Texas
* Currently resides in Manhattan, New York.
* First job at Valiant was on the Nintendo line of books.
"I grew up on a farm. I've wanted to come to New York since I was eleven years old. The day I found out I had a job at Valiant, I threw a huge party."
T.C.U., Fort Worth, Texas
B.A. in Creative Writing

Valiant Inks:
Magnus Robot Fighter #5-9, #17
X-O Manowar #2-33 
Rai and the Future Force #2-17
Secret Weapons #2-9
Ninjak #4

Valiant Coloring:
Rai (first series flipbook) #1-4, #9-14
Solar, Man of the Atom #1-3

Bob Layton, Barry Windsor-Smith, Wendy Pini, Japanese Manga
Other hobbies & interests:
Two pet iguanas ("Napoleon and Josephine, my pride and joy!"), writing (currently working on a "cyberpunk" story), painting, dancing, daydreaming....