JOHN DIXON: Dixon's Eternal Warrior was a fighter, gentleman, and romantic, all rolled into one. Dixon's clean lines showed off more of the rogue in Gilad, rather than the battleweary veteran.
BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH: Smith's elegant linework showcased the Eternal Warrior's nobility. Gilad's subtle strength was defined in Windsor-Smith's classic lines.
TED HALSTED: Hard edges and dark scenery made Halsted's Eternal Warrior a gritty and sometimes frightening hero. Under Halsted's pencil, Gilad was a hardened warrior fighting what seemed to be a losing battle.
MARK MORETTI: In Moretti's hands, the immortal Gilad showed a very real human side. Supporting characters defined the Eternal Warrior and helped him find his purpose.
PAUL GULACY: With the new face of Acclaim Comics, and the advent of BIRTHQUAKE, so too comes the new Eternal Warrior. With Paul Gulacy at the helm, Gilad becomes more of the lone warrior fighting for his own brand of justice. Gulacy's powerful lines bring out the intensity of the new Eternal Warrior.
JACKSON GUICE: BIRTHQUAKE also heralds the arrival of comic veteran Jackson Guice to the pages of Eternal Warrior. Under Guice's hand, Gilad takes his battle to the world as he shoulders the burden of rectifying mankind's injustices. Guice brings a darker and more battle-scarred Eternal Warrior to life with each line.