DON PERLIN'S Sketchbook
    Don Perlin is what you'd call a modern classic. Born in East New York and raised in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, he began his professional career drawing comics for Timely Comics (when Marvel was just a twinkling in Stan Lee's eye). Over thirty years later, Perlin has reached an all-time career high, with his Valiant work on Bloodshot; Solar, Man of the Atom; and this summer's eagerly awaited Timewalker.
    Lovable, cantankerous, and better known to Valiant staffers as "Uncle Don," Perlin spent his youth collecting the very first run of Bob Kane's Batman as they came out on the stands. "I read 'em, and re-read 'em till they fell apart, and then I traded 'em."
    His father, a talented painter, inspired him to start drawing. "It was the only thing I could do well that didn't get me into trouble," deadpans Perlin.
    At the age of sixteen, Perlin attended classes on cartooning under the tutelage of renowned comic book artist, Burne Hogarth. He was educated at Cooper Union, the Pratt Institute, and The Cartoonist & Illustrators School. His career as a penciller and inker gathered speed as he worked for and with such luminaries as Will Eisner, Bob Hall, Roy Thomas, and Larry Hama. Taking a day-job as a technical illustrator in the 1960's, he freelanced for Classics Illustrated and Charlton, and sold dozens of war, romance, and monster stories to Marvel and DC.
    Decades of hard work finally paid off when Perlin was awarded a long and successful stint as both penciller and inker on Marvel's Werewolf By Night. Toward the end of this run, Perlin co-created superhero perennial, Moonknight, with series writer Doug Moench. Perlin moved to Valiant in 1991, where he was named Vice President of Special Projects, as well as Art Director. He currently edits Armorines, Shadowman, and Bloodshot.
    Penciller on Solar, Man of the Atom: #1-4, 7, 9-10, 12, 13
    Penciller on Bloodshot:
 #1-7, 9-17
    Penciller on Timewalker,
 to be released in August.