Dan Jurgens is taking over the reins on the Valiant Universe's Man of the Atom, and plans to take readers for quite a wild ride. "Solar offers a chance to generate a whole lot of excitement. You can take him places you can't take a character like Ninjak. I could take him to any corner of the universe, literally." Cooking up big and bold ways to challenge Valiant's most powerful hero, Jurgens sees finding legitimate opposition for Solar, Man of the Atom as one of his biggest creative challenges.

    Jurgens has developed a strong understanding of the character of Phil Seleski, the ultimate split-personality: part-physicist, part-god. "Solar knows he will outlive and outlast anyone or anything he knows. Ultimately, Solar has to be disappointed with the average human being. Somewhere in his mind, there has to be the desire to be with people or creatures on his level of existence. At some point, you have to either change yourself or move." Jurgens promises the result of this crisis of faith will be a dynamic change in Solar's life and environment. The results will shock longtime fans of the title, and provide the perfect jumping-on point for new readers.
    Dan Jurgens has spent his career infusing long-running comics series with incredible vitality and innovation. A graphic designer with dreams of cracking the four-color big time, he met Mike Grell at a comics show in the Minneapolis area and pitched his portfolio. Grell liked it enough to hire Dan on the spot to draw Warlord.

    On Jurgens' second assignment, Sun Devils, writer and editor Gerry Conway heavily collaborated with Dan on the plotting. After the sixth issue of the maxi-series, Conway decided to continue editing, but to give Jurgens a shot at scripting as well. "I had always wanted to write. I see no separation in the work I do writing and drawing a comic. I'm creating a comic from start to finish."

    "I have lots more things to say as a creative talent on existing characters and some that I have in mind." With his galaxy-shaking plans for Solar, Man of the Atom, Dan Jurgens will be generating excitement in the Valiant Universe for years to come.


Born in Ortonville, Minnesota, population: 2,000.

BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Pencil & Writing Credits:
The Death of Superman
Adventures of Superman
Superman #57-100
Zero Hour #4-0
Booster Gold #1-25
Justice League of America
Sun Devils #7-12

Pencils Only:
Sun Devils #1-6
Flash Gordon #1-12
Green Arrow
Legion of Superheroes