Dan Jurgens: In the Mouth of Madness
    Where does one go after destroying, resurrecting, and then dismantling a superman? For Dan Jurgens, he steps into the hands of a god!
    This March, Dan Jurgens takes over as writer and penciller for Acclaim Comics' Solar, Man of The Atom. Issue #46 kicks off Jurgens' "Brave New World" storyline, a five part epic promising entirely new territory for Solar to explore. Old fans will receive a rude awakening while new fans can expect the unexpected, all on a world that bears more than just a passing resemblance to our own.
    The world is now populated by many super-powered people, none of whom have ever appeared in a Valiant comic before. In this world, the presence of these unusual beings has made war a rarity. The money for obsolete militia has been spent on scientific research and development. The world is a peaceful, fantastic place. But there is a presence which threatens the balance. A presence as powerful as all creation. The new Solar walks the planet - a god dressed in black!
    As everyone knows, when gods and heroes collide, there is bound to be a conflict of territory. "Solar's evolution as a person and powerful hero will continue." Says Jurgens, "Does he keep his hand in matters, or let nature run its course at the risk of disaster?" Jurgens intends on forcing Phil Seleski to make choices - choices that upset his balance between humanity and divinity.
    Joining Jurgens will be legendary inker, Dick Giordano with computer colors provided by Greg Wright and Digital Chameleon. All the fantastic action is on the shelves right now as part of Valiant's BIRTHQUAKE!
Born in Ortonville, Minnesota, population: 2,000.
BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Pencil & Writing Credits:
The Death of Superman
Adventures of Superman
Superman #57-100
Zero Hour #4-0
Booster Gold #1-25
Justice League of America
Sun Devils #7-12
Pencils Only:
Sun Devils #1-6
Flash Gordon #1-12
Green Arrow
Legion of Super-Heroes