Angelo Mortalli was a Mafia wiseguy, a cold and ruthless hitman who at times seemed less than human. Mortalli was advancing quickly within the Mob and was engaged to the daughter of powerful mobster Gino Canelli. But when Canelli found out that Mortalli was being unfaithful to his daughter, he decided to get rid of him. Mortalli was framed for the brutal slaying of a rival mobster, and convicted of first-degree murder. To stay out of prison, Mortalli cut a deal with the Feds to give evidence against the Mob. Canelli got wind of the deal, snatched Mortalli from the government's protection, and bundled him off as a "volunteer" in a private research project headed by Hideyoshi Iwatsu and his Rising Spirit Labs.
    The two main objectives of Iwatsu's research were: first, to prolong his own life; and second, to create an elite army of superhuman killing machines loyal only to the Iwatsu clan. The process they named the Bloodshot Procedure involved draining off a subject's blood and replacing it with a plasma infusion containing microscopic cellular automatons called nanites. Those who survived the infusion process, dubbed "Speedshots", were endowed with superhuman strength and endurance. Unfortunately, their lifespans were reduced to a few days or weeks as their bodies burned out from the heightened metabolic rate.
    Mortalli was one of the ones who survived the infusion process, and Iwatsu proceeded to the next phase of the procedure. Mortalli's mind was wiped of all his memories and systematically reprogrammed with information about strategy, tactics and warfare. However, before the full reprogramming could be completed, the Geomancer Geoff McHenry broke into the facility and released Bloodshot, who killed his captors and escaped.
    Confused and lost, suffering from amnesia, Bloodshot began seeking clues to his own origin. He discovered that the nanites in his blood gave him incredible powers including great strength, faster reflexes, and heightened senses. Besides having a body that operated at peak efficiency, Bloodshot also had a rapport with machinery that allowed him to seize control of and dominate any electronic device in his vicinity. Using this power, Bloodshot tapped into Iwatsu's computer system and amassed information about his creators.
    Since he hadn't been programmed for exclusive loyalty to Iwatsu but had been shorn of the details of his former life, Bloodshot was free to reinvent himself. He decided to work as a force for good. At that moment, Angelo Mortalli finally died and Bloodshot was born.
    Iwatsu was angry but excited over Bloodshot's escape - excited because Mortalli showed no sign of the Speedshots' characteristic metabolic burnout. What neither Iwatsu nor Mortalli knew was that Mortalli was a latent harbinger, and that this one factor had allowed him to survive the infusion process. After several failed attempts to recapture Bloodshot, Iwatsu decided to undergo the infusion process himself. However, Iwatsu's body could not withstand the change and he fell into a deep coma - a victim of his own twisted science.
    Since then, Bloodshot has acquired numerous enemies and as many allies. He has worked with the likes of Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, and the Secret Weapons. As an operative for Neville Alcott's MI-5 operation, Bloodshot has crisscrossed the globe, neutralizing potential threats to world security.

Neville Alcott:
    Alcott is the operator of a covert organization, MI-5, based deep beneath London's Heathrow Airport. His operations consist of aiding other government agencies when conventional forces are deemed ineffective. Alcott was recently called upon to aid in the training of a super-powered team known as the Secret Weapons, whose task is to assist British Intelligence operations.
John Sinclair:
    Along with Neville Alcott, John Sinclair trained the four operatives who would become the Secret Weapons. Sinclair and Bloodshot were to lead the new operatives as a unit designed to neutralize threats at home and abroad. After the accidental death of one of the Secret Weapons members, Sinclair donned the suit himself and became Para-Man.

Tanaka Iwatsu:
    Hideyoshi's son, Tanaka, is bent on avenging his father's misfortunes. He plans to recapture Bloodshot and use his nanite-infused blood to cure his comatose father. After that, Tanaka has more sinister plans in store. Tanaka plans on somehow completing the programming of Bloodshot's nanites, making him a loyal servant to the Iwatsu clan.

Hideyoshi Iwatsu:
    Iwatsu was the founder of Rising Spirit Labs which gave Mortalli his Bloodshot powers. Iwatsu's primary objective with the Bloodshot program was to extend his own life. When Mortalli survived the infusion process and escaped without showing any signs of physical degradation, Iwatsu subjected himself to the program. However, Iwatsu could only become a "Speedshot", which meant that his body would ultimately fail within a short period of time. During a confrontation with Bloodshot, Iwatsu's body collapsed when the strain became too great to bear. He slipped into a deep coma from which he has yet to emerge.


    Due to his programming under Iwatsu, Bloodshot is proficient in a variety of weapons and fighting techniques.

Katana Blade
    Bloodshot's katana is the same type used by Ninja assassins. The tempered, hand-forged steel blade extends a full twenty-six inches from the hilt. The handle is cordon-wrapped, providing for better grip and ease of handling.

Desert Eagle .50 Caliber Magnum
    The Desert Eagle .50 caliber magnum semi-automatic pistol is gas-operated, with a rotating bolt for positive lock-up. With a standard six-inch barrel, maximum effective range is 200 meters (650 feet). Standard .50 caliber ammunition can be used as well as semi-jacketed or gas checked rounds. The magazine capacity is eight rounds, plus one in the chamber. Its stainless steel frame is heavy - 75.6 ounces - and corrosion-resistant.

10 mm MP-5
    The MP-5 is a compact submachine gun weighing no more than 5.4 pounds. Firing from a closed bolt position utilizing a delayed roller-locked bolt system, the MP-5's accuracy is unmatched. The safety switch can throw the gun from single shot to semi-auto to full automatic.