The Acclaim that never was!

Acclaim's July '98 Solicitations that never seen light of day

Concrete Jungle: The Legend of the Black Lion
(W) Christopher Priest (P) James Fry (I) Andre Pepoy
Me, My, and Mine (Borough Hall)
What if Terry Smalls is not the true heir to the legend of the Black Lion?
And what if he refuses to give up his new powers? In an attempt to make
amends for his selfishness, Terry decides to bring down the corrupt
political machine of the Concrete Jungle, only to find he's made matters
much, much worse.
FC, 32 pages

Final Solution
(W) Troy Hickman (P/I) Lonardo Manco
Book One: Eternity's End
There is a blight on the planet Earth. They're called... Superheroes.
One man has decided to rid the world of this menace and no one can escape
The Final Solution! For centuries, they've protected humanity's
future - now, who will protect them? A tragedy of staggering proportions,
this self-contained 48-page epic's repercussions will affect the entire
Acclaim Universe. Will those who've been here the longest be the first
to fall before the misguided dreams of one man? And if the mightiest do
fall, what chance do those remaining have of stopping this mad crusade?
FC, 48 pages

Shadowman #21
(W) Serge Clermont (P) Klayton Krain (I) Charles Yoakum
Needing help in the search for his kidnapped love Claudine, Shadowman --
against his better judgment -- goes to the man who deals almost exclusively
in favors -- Master Darque! Let's hope Shadowman remembers that Darques'
helping hand never comes without a price...
FC, 32 pages

Solar: Visions of God Event Special
(Creators) Various
Written and drawn by the industry's top creators and most exciting new
talent, this issue is a special 48-page one-shot comprised of ten short
stories. Each tale is told from the point-of-view of an ordinary person,
relating how their lives have been affected by the coming of Solar to Earth.
Discover how an elderly Hassidic man, wild club-kid, a stoned-out janitor,
an out-of-work actor, a stick-to-the facts scientist, a hopeful father,
and others react to the arrival of "God on Earth."

Magnus #19
(W) Tom Peyer
As the scandal surrounding Magnus deepens and enemy troops mass along the
border, Professor Gax conducts an experiment.... A forbidden experiment...
one with lethal results for all Albania's machinery!
FC, 32 pages

Quantum & Woody #18
(W) Christopher Priest (I) Greg Adams
"David Warrant is not Dead"
Having amassed powerful resources and an operations base, Warrant ponders
what to DO with it all. Being a scientist and not an altruist, Warrant's
impulse is not to save humanity so much as to find the logical extension
of his being - be that good, evil, or something unclassified, ultimately
forcing a confrontation with Quantum, who's never trusted Warrant in the
first place.
FC, 32pages

Troublemakers #20
(W) Fabian Nicieza and Dan Slott (P) Kevin West (I) Dan Davis
The return of Crunchtime! Or is he? The Troublemakers' least favorite insane
time-traveling nutjob is back, or is this the real Crunchtime, while the
first Crunchtime we met was a fake one? This issue will test the boundaries
of time travel and your sanity! Lots of guest appearances from your favorite
Acclaim characters, but are they here now, here later, or here before?
FC, 32 pages

Turok #5
(W) Fabian Nicieza (P) Rafael Kayanan (I) Dan Hillsman
The mystery has been building since issue #1. A woman from Joshua's past has
been trying to contact him. Who is she? What does she want? And how will her
arrival change Turok's life forever? Joshua must deal with one of the most
difficult choices a man - or a superhero - has to make (and it's the first
time a main character in a superhero comic has had to make this decision!)
What will Joshua do?
FC, 32 pages

X-O Manowar #22
(W) Dwayne McDuffie (P) Scot Eaton (I) Don Hudson
A prequel to The Final Solution
X-O discovers a horrifying connection between Inquest and the internment of
hundreds of Harbingers and other "threats to national security." Is this the
beginning of the end for Donovan's friendly relationship with his Inquest
bosses? Meanwhile, the Hardcorps attempt to break their boss Citadel out of
an intergalactic prison, just in time for him to become a part of Toyo
Harada's fearsome "Final Solution!"
FC, 32 pages