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Fifteen years ago, the world’s most famous soccer star and his former supermodel wife –pregnant with their unborn child – disappeared without a trace. The world believes they are dead… But, in reality, their private jet crash-landed on a mysterious, unknown island ruled by prehistoric creatures from another time…

This is the story of how they lost their humanity.

Acclaimed writer B. Clay Moore (Aloha, Hawaiian Dick) and explosive artists Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS) and Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT REBORN) present a relentless epic of survival in a cold-blooded land ruled by instinct alone as SAVAGE makes his brutal entrance into the Valiant Universe!


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SAVAGE #1 Cover

SAVAGE #2 Cover

SAVAGE #3 Cover

SAVAGE #1 Page 1

SAVAGE #1 Page 2

SAVAGE #1 Page 3

SAVAGE #1 Page 4

SAVAGE #1 Page 5

SAVAGE #1 Page 7

SAVAGE Character Design

Kevin Savage

Veronica Savage

SAVAGE #2 page 1

SAVAGE #2 page 2

SAVAGE #2 page 3

SAVAGE Cover layouts

SAVAGE #1 Page 1-4 layouts

SAVAGE #4 Cover
(Brian Reber colors)

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