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Dan Moler, Artist:

Click on any of the images below to enlarge the view.

acrylic on canvas 16"x20"

Bruised Totem
acrylic on canvas 16"x20"

Perennial Expansion
acrylic on canvas 16"x20"

MARS 1 (Mutants, Aliens, Robots, series)
blueline and graphite on sketch paper

acrylic on canvas 16"x20"

Descending Illuminati
acrylic on canvas 22"x28"


I gravitate towards abstract concepts, gesture painting, and lyrical expressionism.

Along with a sense of movement and rhythm, I like to explore the notion of dualities in my work: soft flowing shapes vs. hard angular constructions, bold dry brush techniques against lush saturated washes, spontaneous applications of paint along with controlled and calculated implements.

Some of my influences include: Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns. Music helps propel my art. I enjoy the brazenness of punk or the swing of jazz while painting or drawing. Comic books with their bright bold colors, escapism, fantastic settings, stylization and exaggerations also inspire me.

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